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08 Jun 2013

Two ways of Sambo development

During the last time there are two tendencies that become clear and distinct in the world development of SAMBO: democratic line and line of dictatorship. Vasylii Shestakov tries ardently and actively to transform FIAS into private commercial organization, despite Statutes, history of SAMBO development and principles of norms and morality.

SAMBO isn’t very developed yet in the world and it is based principally on coaches-enthusiasts that are known very well in each country (I don’t take into account countries of former Soviet Union, Bulgaria and Mongolia where this kind of sport has governmental support and sambo has been cultivated there for years)

Shestakov trying to keep his power tries quickly to substitute and replace federations that are not loyal to him by manual federations – actively despite the Statutes of FIAS, creating second Continental federations (Pan-America, Asia), alternative national federations (Canada, USA, Czech Republic and others). With that he uses the slogan: “Sambo develops weakly”.

As soon as the president of Swiss federation of sambo Hervi Geldman spoke on the European congress criticizing Shestakov, then Elyseev started to make hints that “Sambo is developed badly and weakly in Switzerland”. Like somebody helped Hervi to develop sambo, organize competitions, seminars, trips to other countries. I don’t know anybody else in Switzerland who develops so actively sambo in Switzerland and neighbouring France.

And there are a lot of such examples – Victor Sokolovskyi works perfectly in Canada and he has 200 people, he united around him yet 4 clubs with common quantity of more that 500 people occupying sambo. But as soon as he expressed openly his opinion, Moshanov was sent to Canada, club of judo was found with the number about 40 sportsmen, and they started work to create alternative federation of sambo.

There is serious violation of the Statutes of FIAS (p.4.2. Each country could be presented only by one national federation).Instead of uniting all sambo clubs in one country, the climate of antagonism is being created. He spends money got from sponsors for the sambo development for the creation of alternative federations instead of rendering support to already existing federations.

The requirements of IOC that we are trying to reach tell about the necessity of “avoiding any conflicts of interests”. Shestakov creates intentionally this conflict. Of course we understand that nothing would become of this, because according to the Statutes of FIAS p.8.2. “Decision about exclusion the member of FIAS from International federation of SAMBO (FIAS could be taken by Congress at the request of executive committee. The Congress takes decision by not less than 2/3 of votes of participants with the right to vote, present personally or by agents on the correspondent session of the Congress”. But the conflict is presented.

There is also one sharp moment: Executive committee of FIAS adopted proposal about exclusion of the right to vote of the national federation, that didn’t present 3 sportsmen for the world championship.

The situation is flagrant- instead of helping young national federations to bring sportsmen for the competitions- they are deprived of vote due to the absence of funds.

And the second aspect: it is written clearly in basic pripciples of IOC: “Sport organizations should adopt rules for protection of sportsmen’s health”. In the reglament of FIAS it is written clearly about the participation of sportsmen of “high qualification” in the world championships. About what qualification can be said if the federation has been organized recently or if there are no yet such sportsmen. Stimulating and making them participate in competitions of high rank- we have risk to injure and make damage for them.

And finally, the last thing. According to basic principles of IOC: “All the members that compose organization are among the co-owners of this organization”. That is all national federations of sambo are co- owners of FIAS. And all the procedures within FIAS should be based on democratic principles.

There is no place for dictatorship.

David Rudman
Honorable president of FIAS,
1st vice-president of FIAS.
1st world champion of sambo

Two ways of Sambo Development (Eng)

7 kB, pdf

Две дороги развития самбо (Rus)

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Deux routes du development du Sambo (Fra)

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Dos caminos del desarrollo de Sambo (Spa)

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