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16 Dec 2013 Moscow to host a SAMBO tournament for the Aslambek Aslakhanov decorations

On 19-22 December 2013, the Yarygin Palace of Sports in Moscow will host a stage of the SAMBO World Cup, the 12th International Category A Tournament for the decorations of [...]


01 Dec 2013 Capture . Episode 5 : Marina and Mikhail Mokhnatkin

How sportsmen found their love in the Russian national team, how the family of champions lives and what places they likes to visit in St. Petersburg more often – see [...]


16 Nov 2013 In memory of Fernando Compte. Founder of the International SAMBO Federation

The life of Fernando Compte is a story of a legend. He was the founder and the first President of the International Amateur SAMBO Federation, or FIAS. Compte split off [...]


20 Oct 2013 Capture. Episode 4: Maxim Neganov

Look in the fourth episode of the “Capture”: fears of Maxim Neganov, where the athlete rests, and finally, why he was driven to the shooting blindfolded. The shooting took place [...]


19 Oct 2013 SAMBO: The results of the second day at the World Combat Games

Results: Women 56 kg 1. Laura Fournier (France) 2. Kalina Stefanova (Bulgaria) 3. Nadezhda Zaitseva (Russia) 3. Daniela Hondiu (Romania) Men 74 kg 1. Ali Kurzhev (Russia) 2. Dmitry Babijchuk [...]


18 Oct 2013 The first sambo day at the World Combat Games brought Russia two gold medals

The first day of the World Combat Games brought two gold medals to the Russian sambo team. Elena Bondareva of 48 kg and Marina Mohnatkina of 68 kg became champions. [...]


06 Oct 2013 XXVI FIAS Congress took place in Zurich

FIAS Congress was held in Zurich, Switzerland, on October 5. The event brought together more than 30 national SAMBO federations from all over the world, 27 representatives of which had [...]


05 Oct 2013 On the eve FIAS Congress

Recent organizational issues are made now in Zurich on the eve of the 26th FIAS Congress. Representatives of many national federations have come to Switzerland to take part in the [...]


04 Oct 2013 FIAS Congress will be held in Zurich

Here in Zurich, the 26th FIAS Congress will be held tomorrow. Representatives of all the national federations were invited to participate in this event. On the agenda we have a [...]


23 Sep 2013 Shestakov’s Shady Scheme

An extraordinary congress in Kuala Lumpur backed by FIAS founder Fernando Compte set the entire Sambo world in turmoil and triggered off fierce debates in the Internet. The former president [...]


23 Sep 2013 The EU Sambo championship

Wrestlers from the European Union concluded their participation in the championship in Prague. The competition was attended by girls and boys and women and men. In the team event were [...]


23 Sep 2013 European Union Sambo Championship starts in Prague

The 9th European Union Sambo Championship is held in Czech Republic. Before the start we knew what spotsmen expect from this tournament. Aleksey Zubkov, Estonia: Hello, the trip was hard, we’ve [...]


18 Sep 2013 Capture. Episode 3: Maxim Shiryaev

What Maxim Shiryaev can cook for dinner, how he became a commentator at the Universiade in Kazan and how the athlete is associated with embroidery – look in the third [...]


14 Sep 2013 The obstacles to Sambo promotion

European Sambo Championship among cadets was held in Riga. And, unfortunately, SAMBO.TV was not possible to discuss these events, despite all efforts. Channel film crew arrived in full force in [...]


13 Sep 2013 Riga meets sambo wrestlers

The last organization issues are almost comleted In the Olympic sport center in Riga and we are waiting for the start of the Open European Sambo Championship among cadets. On [...]


06 Sep 2013 Capture. Episode 2: Ali Bagautinov

In the second episode of «Capture» – whom Ali Bagautinov will miss overseas, how many professions the “King of the lightest weight” had mastered and how his career in UFC [...]


06 Sep 2013 Capture. Episode 1: Uali and Ali Kurzhev

What are the brothers Ali and Uali Kurzhevy unlike, what movies they prefer, and if champions’ hearts are free or not – see the first episode of “Capture”. Ali Kurzhev [...]

Шульц М.Г.

29 Aug 2013 Press-conference “Crisis in World Sambo. Way out”.



13 Aug 2013 SAMBO in the World. Аnalysis.

Some changes were made in International SAMBO Federation that are destined to return stability and possibility of full-fledged development of this kind of sport.The whole range of violations preceded from [...]


07 Aug 2013 FIAS members have added to the registry of the Canton Vaud

Justice has been done. The long-awaited changes have happened in the International Sambo Federation. 12 new members were added in the register of the Canton Vaud in Switzerland where FIAS [...]


05 Aug 2013 USA prepares champion in SAMBO

Category: Sent videos Julia Konoplina, a native of Kazakhstan, actively prepares to perform at the World Championships in 2014 for the national team of the United States. The girl has already [...]


26 Jul 2013 Kuala Lumpur: Conference-Congress-Opinion

Sambo crossed the national threshold. This kind of sport spreads on all continents. And it seems there are all chances to reach the maximum point- to enter the programme of [...]


17 Jul 2013 The curtain of the Universiade and Sambo competition in Kazan

Palace of Sports “Tatneft-Arena” again rejoices. Final matches of the final day of Sambo competition in the Universiade revealed a complex battle of the Belarusian and French athletes. At the [...]


15 Jul 2013 The Russians again lead on Sambo competitions in Universiade

The second day of sambo in Kazan responded again a scattering of gold medals of the Russian national team. Today Israel, Japan, Mongolia and other countries also showed beautiful fight. [...]


14 Jul 2013 The sambo debut in Kazan

The firsy day of sambo competition in Kazan has come to the end. The debut on Universiade became the most successful for the Russian athletes. Japan joined prize winners from [...]


13 Jul 2013 Sambo wrestlers will show themselves for the first time at the Universiade

The sports world is focused in Kazan now. Universiade is held here. And for the first time in the history of the games 27 sports are included in the program [...]


22 Jun 2013 The Conference in Kuala Lumpur is finished

Prospects for worldwide sambo Development were discussed in Kuala Lumpur. It raised issues that concern everyone today: leadership FIAS, the presidents of the national federations and, of course, the athletes. [...]


21 Jun 2013 World SAMBO Development will be discussed in Malaysia

“The city of gardens and lights,” as capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is often referred, today takes the Sambo public. Tomorrow there will be the “World SAMBO Conference on World [...]


10 Jun 2013 David Rudman: “The problems in the World Sambo”

The time has come to talk openly about problems of sambo and to solve them by round table, not occupying with obscure struggle. We start the issues of broadcasts and [...]


20 May 2013 The third day of the European Sambo Championship

European Sambo Championship is finished. The line-up of winners is changed from year to year. But competition in team scores is usual: women – Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine; men – Russia, [...]


19 May 2013 The second day of the European Sambo Championship

The second day of the European Sambo Championship is finished in Italy. The leaders yesterday maintained their positions. These teams were added Bulgaria, France and Georgia.


18 May 2013 The first day of the European Sambo Championship

The first day of the European Sambo Championship is finished in Italy. Among the leaders were teams from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan. Russians three men brought gold, 2 gold – [...]


18 May 2013 Arriving of athletes on European Sambo Championship

European Sambo Championship takes place this year in Italy, in the city of Crema. Competitions will be held from 17 to 21 May. On the eve of the start of [...]


18 Apr 2013 9th Sports festival sambo for prizes E.Gloriozov

Palace of Sports of the University of Instrument Engineering and Informatics newly adopted young fighters. In MGUPI took ninth Games by Sambo orphanages and cadet corps for prizes of five-time [...]


26 Mar 2013 The World sambo Super Cup «Memorial A.A. Kharlampiev»

In the UK, “CSKA” kicked off the Super Bowl of the World Sambo ‘Memorial AA Kharlampiev. “This year, the tournament came athletes from more than 20 countries. This is one [...]


24 Mar 2013 Vladimir Putin at school SAMBO-70

Full video version of Vladimir Putin’s meeting with representatives of the International Federation of Sambo at the opening of the Palace of Sports School “Sambo-70″ March 13, 2013.


21 Mar 2013 Pan-American SAMBO Congress

How will be SAMBO developed in America in the next four years? Which countries will join the ranks of champions? Finally, where are the illegal federations? Participants of the Pan- [...]


29 Jan 2013 The World Cup in Uralsk

Fighters from 14 countries attended this year the world Cup Stage on prizes of President of Kazakhstan. Its one of 4 Cup which will show who are the leaders in [...]


27 Jan 2013 Arriving of athletes at the World Cup Stage

The World Cup Stage on prizes of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev starts in Uralsk. This international tournament has category «А», which gives the winner the right to award the [...]


08 Nov 2012 XXIV Congress of FIAS

The 24th Congress of FIAS hosted in Minsk, capital of Belarus, on the eve of the World Sambo Championship. The meeting took stock of the international federation for the year, [...]